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January 23, 2013
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Blackstripe Firewing Dragon by BlazeTheConqueror Blackstripe Firewing Dragon by BlazeTheConqueror
This breed of dragon, commonly known as the Blackstripe, is a subspecies of the Firewing Dragon species. The Firewing family are an ancient line of dragons, different sub species being the Yellowtail, Redwing and Blackstripe to mention a few. The Blackstripe line however is a rarer find than others, as they live only in groups of aroudn 2-4. They live in the far east, in the mountains and jungles of China, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam and Japan. They mostly on mammals living in the rivers and forests, such as monkeys (and sometimes crocodiles). They can grow to up to 10 metres long, with an approx. 20 metre wingspan.
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